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Air Leakage



Detects each and every leak. Fast & Simple.


Do you know where your compressed air system leaks are?

Do you know how much air leakage is costing your operation?

Untreated air leaks = potential operating profit vanishing into thin air.


Inaudibly, invisibly, unnoticed.


The solution: Indentify undetected leaks in the compressed air pipework.



Where compressed air escapes, friction develops between the gas molecules

and the pipe wall. This friction produces a high-frequency

ultrasound inaudible to the human ear.


The Airia Leak Detector registers the ultrasound, transforms it into an audible sound and indicates it optically. In this respect, only those frequencies are registered which will occur in the case of leakage. Thus, the precise location of the leak is also identified where the industrial noise is present.


Using the Airia Leak Detector, the detection of compressed air losses at microcracks, worn-out flange joints, defective sealing rings or loosened connections no longer presents a problem.



On the way from the compressor to the consuming point,

part of the expensively produced compressed air always



In the „average daily case“, such leaks already amount to

25 - 30 % of the produced compressed air quantity,

or even to 50 % or more in extreme cases.







                                                                                   = Energy costs account for up to 86 % of operating costs.








        Operating costs at 7500 run hours per annum



Airia Can offer Air Leakage Surveys (Call us for pricing)


  • Detect each and every leak - even at long distance (up to 15 m)

  • also at places which are not easily accessible

  • also without visibility

  • Optimise your resources

  • significantly reduce energy losses

  • Enable lower demand for an installed compressor performance

  • reduce compressor wear and tear




Acoustic signals lead directly and doubtlessly to the leak.  

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