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Boge Compressors

BOGE is the internationally recognised name in air compressors, with an impressive track record which spans more than 20 years.

BOGE is one of Europe's leading air compressor manufacturers and now stands with the third largest share of the highly demanding and competitive UK market.

They offer a complete range of air generating solutions including screw and piston compressors, lubricated and oil free, low pressure machines and up to 40 bar Booster units with particular product strengths in the small to medium sized manufacturing and process sectors; Low noise, Energy efficient, variable speed, high reliability, reduced maintenance, and better environmental credential, packaged units and a free 5 warranty.

At Airia Compressed Air Solutions we're proud to be key distributors, bringing you a brand name to trust at extremely competitive prices.

Our own experience in servicing and maintaining BOGE products ensures that your compressor performs at maximum efficiency - ask us for details of our servicing packages.



  •  A Comprehensive range of Boge compressors are available from                                                                                                                                              

          0.75 kW piston Compressors up to 400 kW Rotary Screw Compressors.

  •  Free 5 year warranty on all Boge Screw Compressors

  •  We Offer Great value Boge service packages.

  •  Fast turn-around for repairs by our own engineers

  •  Sales, repairs & hire

  •  Finance available to suit your budget




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Boge 'SF' range

17-122 cfm Variable Speed

Silent Screw Compressors

Boge 'SLF' range

37-1225 cfm Variable

Speed Screw Compressor

Bogle CL7 Boge C5 Compressor Boge CLF Air Compressor Boge SF60 Boge SLF Boge CL10 Air Compressor Boge S150

Boge 'SF' range

47-650 cfm Variable Speed

Silent Screw Compressors

SL340 SLF30 BOGE C 25 F Compressor Boge 5 warranty