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Boge 'C LF' Series Variable Speed Compressor

CLF Series

When frequency controlled the CLF series compressors automatically adjust to the air demand whilst controlling the pressure perfectly. The airend operates at the necessary speed to generate as

much compressed air as is required.

Expensive idling as well as load/no load cycles are thus eliminated. At the same time, a tighter pressure

band can be maintained, also helping to save energy.

In the event of a change of the pressure value, the output automatically adjusts.

A 13 bar machine thus regulated to an 8 bar machine yields a correspondingly higher output – without any expensive remodelling or design related modifications.


Available in the following options:

  • A base mounted compressed air station (C 9LF )

  • A receiver mounted compressed air station (C 9 LFR)

  • A compressed air centre (C 9 LFDR):

         comprising of a compressor and refrigerant dryer, mounted on

         a horizontal receiver (270 litre or 250 litre)

C LF  Series Compressor - SPECIFICATION

* Free air delivery for the complete package in accordance with ISO 1217, Appendix C, at 20ºC ambient temperature and maximum pressure.

Emitted sound level as per PN8NTC2.3 from 72 dB(A)

** Max. pressure of the compressor

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