GA 15 – 26 (kw) Compressors

Atlas Copco GA 15 - 26 (kw) Compressors

The new GA15-26 oil injected screw air compressors, available in 15kW, 18kW, 22kW and 26kW, provide an energy efficient, reliable work place air compressor that minimizes the total cost of ownership.

These air compressors are designed to withstand the harshest of environments while providing you with a quiet air compressor with sound levels ranging between 65 and 69 dB(A). The GA15-26 series are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217 which insures a reliable trouble free air compressor. Additionally these units boast a cool canopy design which increases efficiency and free air delivery.

The GA15-26 units also utilize the next generation Elektronikon® controller that offers you a great variety of control and monitoring features that allow you to increase you compressor’s efficiency and reliability. As standard these units are designed to operate in 46°C/115°F ambient conditions and are available as a stand-alone compressor (Pack) or including an integrated dryer (Full Feature) .

The GA15-26 air compressors are available in 15kW, 18kW, 22kW and 26kW variants with flows ranging from 30.9 to 74.3 l/s (65.5 to 157.5 cfm).


The Pack (stand alone) compressors are constructed with the following major components:

  • State of the art compression element
  • IP55 (TEFC) motor meeting or exceeding IE3 and NEMA Premium efficiency standards with greased for life bearings
  • Elektronikon® controller
  • High efficiency aftercooler
  • Moisture separator
  • Inlet air filter


Additionally the Full Feature (ff) includes an integrated refrigerated air dryer.


The GA15-26 Air Compressors consist of the following:

[wpgt_tabs tabs_type=”vertical” bottom_gap=”no” tabs_style=”1″][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1.1 Air / Oil Flow”]

Air is drawn in through the air filter, the inlet valve into the compression element. This compressed air is forced through the air/oil separator, past the minimum pressure valve and into the after-cooler through the water separator to the discharge. In the case of a Full Feature unit the air will then circulate through the refrigerated dryer and then to the discharge.

[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1.2 Drive Train”]

The high quality gear driven design does not use couplings which eliminates a maintenance point.

The design of the gears has eliminated transmission losses that are typically 2-3% higher on belt driven units. The compression element has also been redesigned to provide even more free air delivery.

[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1.3 Air/Oil Separator System”]

The high efficiency air oil separation system provides excellent oil pre-separation with >99% of oil separated in the vessel providing less than 3ppm oil carry over. Due to the innovative design the chance for overfilling the unit has been eliminated. Additionally the compact size of this vessel there is less oil required and less compressed air blow off when the unit unloads resulting in money savings for you.

[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1.4 Cooling System”]

The reliable and efficient design of the combicooler effectively lowers the discharge temperature of the compressed air which reduces the burden placed on downstream air treatment equipment and provides better protection of air network piping. Additionally the low sound and low power consumption from the cooling fan makes these new units even more silent and efficient than ever.

[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1.5 Air Dryer (Full-Feature models)”]

The integrated dryer efficiently removes moisture, aerosols and dirt particles to protect your investment. This quality air expands the life of equipment, increasing efficiency and ensuring quality in your final product. Pressure dew point at 3°C /37°F at maximum FAD. (100% relative humidity at 20°C/68°F) Can be outfitted with optional DD and PD filters, allowing you to obtain the exact air quality you need for your specific application.



Elektronikon® Swipe Controller

The Elektronikon® Swipe is offered as standard for the GA 15-26 for fixed speed
compressors with online visualization. Elektronikon® Swipe controls and monitors the key
compressor parameters efficiently as stated below.


GA 15-26 compressors are equipped with the power conscious, efficient, automatic full-load /
no-load regulation system. The Elektronikon® regulation is equipped with the delayed
second stop feature (DSS) for the main motor which significantly cuts the electricity cost


The regulating system includes the Elektronikon® Swipe module to regulate, control and
monitor compressor operation. All GA 15-26 series Elektronikon® control modules display
and monitor the following:

Atlas Copco Swipe Controller
[wpgt_tabs tabs_type=”vertical” bottom_gap=”no” tabs_style=”1″][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”1. Compressor Status Indication Voltage on (LED indication)”]
  • Compressor loaded
  • Compressor unloaded
  • Compressor maximum allowed unloading pressure
  • Automatic operation (LED indication)
  • General warning/alarm (LED indication)
  • Service required (LED indication)
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”2. Temperature, numerical readouts”]
  • Delivery air
  • Ambient air temperature
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”3. Pressure, numerical readouts”]
  • Delivery air
  • Compressor Control
  • Start / Stop
  • Emergency stop
  • Reset / Test
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”5. Hourmeters”]
  • Total running hours
  • Total loading hours
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”6. Service requirement indications”]
  • Air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Oil lifetime
  • Oil separator
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”7. Compressor safety – warning indications”]
  • High dew point temperature
  • Sensor error
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”8. Compressor safety – shutdown indications”]
  • High element outlet temp.
  • Drive motor/fan motor overload
  • Emergency stop
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”9. Digital output relays for remote monitoring (voltage free)”]
  • Remote start and stop
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”10. Optional upgradable to Elektronikon® graphic without rewiring”]
  • Optional upgradable to Elektronikon® Touch without rewiring
[/wpgt_tab][wpgt_tab tab_icon=”” tab_title=”11. Option energy saving through integrated multi compressor control (Elektronikon® Graphic only)”]
  •  SMARTLINK: Data Monitoring Program
     Remote monitoring system that helps you optimize your compressed air system and
    save energy and costs.
     Provides a complete insight in your compressed air network.
     Anticipates on potential problems by warning you up-front

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