GA 22-37 VSDˢ Air Compressors

Atlas Copco GA 22-37 VSDˢ Range

The compressor for a new generation


With energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models, the GA 22-37 VSDˢ is the most energy-efficient compressor on the market. It also raises the bar in performance, reliability and connectivity to support your sustainability and productivity goals – now and in the future.

GA vsds


  • Double-digit reductions in energy use to lower your emissions.
  • Careful use of resources
  • Minimal number of components


  • Reduced energy consumption up to 60% (compared to fixed-speed models).
  • Additional energy savings with up to 80% heat recovery.
  • Advanced connectivity features maximize efficiency.

Superior connectivity

  • Advanced Elektronikon® Touch controller.
  • SMARTLINK offers real-time, remote monitoring and optimization.
  • Multiple compressor control; EQ2i integrated as standard.

Strong performance

  • Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 21% compared to fixed-speed models.
  • FASR motor equals IE5 standards.
  • Inverter and FASR motor exceed IES2 (EN 50598) requirements for power drive efficiency.

Smart features

  • Smart Temperature Control System ensures optimal oil temperature and injection.
  • Boost Flow Mode allows you to temporarily exceed maximum compressor capacity.
  • Intelligent drains limit energy use and service intervals.

Small & silent

  • Sound levels as low as 63 dB allow for placement on the production floor.
  • Extremely small footprint ensures easy, flexible installation

Inside the GA 22-37 VSDs

Exclusive features that make a difference

The VSDs offers a number of features that make it one-of-a-kind. See below to find out how the new VSDs transforms your way of working.

Atlas Copco vsds

All New Drive Train

The VSDs drive train: efficient and sustainable

When Atlas Copco introduced the variable speed drive (VSD) – and later improved on its technology with the VSD+ – it revolutionized the compressor industry. For the first time, compressors were able to match their motor speed to users’ fluctuating air demand. The result: unprecedented energy savings and reliability. Now, with the launch of the new VSDs, Atlas Copco is once again setting new standards in VSD performance.

How does variable speed drive (VSD) work?

IE5 motor in VSDS drive train by Atlas Copco

Key to this market-leading performance is of course the drive train, the powerful combination of the element and the motor, which has been completely re-engineered for the VSDsseries by the Atlas Copco R&D team.

The drive train consists of an element or air end powered by an IE5 motor. Atlas Copco VSD compressors have a rotary screw element, which features two twin rotors rotating in opposite directions, compressing the air between them.

The state-of-the-art VSDˢ employs a completely new element, developed in-house by Atlas Copco. Thanks to its patented optimized rotor profiles, the VSDˢ element and IE5 motor are capable of unparalleled efficiency.


  • Up to 60% more energy-efficient compared to fixed-speed units
  • Highly reliable and designed for IP66 protection from dust and dirt
  • Longer lifespan

Neos Next inverter

Neos Next: the inverter technology that puts VSDs compressors in a league of their own

Since air compression is such a crucial factor in your business, it is important to make sure you own the latest technological advancements and employ sustainable and efficient methods. The VSDs compressors provide that – and a lot more. Atlas Copco’s engineers worked tirelessly to innovate on the existing systems, bringing you the most efficient compressor available today.

What is the newest inverter technology?

GA VSDs neos next inverter technology

In an ordinary variable speed drive (VSD) compressor, the inverter is responsible for matching the compressor’s motor speed to the fluctuations in air demand, which greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to make it run. It is the component that allows the compressor to achieve double-digit energy savings.

But Atlas Copco’s GA VSDˢ is no ordinary compressor, meaning its Neos Next is no ordinary inverter technology. Instead, it is an extraordinary piece of engineering that was developed in-house by Atlas Copco and it plays a large role in why the GA VSDˢ is a truly revolutionary compressor:

  • By managing the compressor’s motor and fan speed, the Neos Next is instrumental in making the new GA VSDˢ range the most efficient on the market, delivering energy savings up to 60% compared to fixed-speed models.
  • The inverter also plays a key role in the Smart Temperature Control System of the VSDˢ, regulating the Smart Thermostatic Control valve and the VSD fan to ensure that the compressor operates with an optimal oil injection temperature at all times. This not only further boosts the efficiency of VSDˢ compressors but also increases their reliability by eliminating the risk of condensation in the element.
  • In addition, the Neos Next controls the VSDs intelligent drains. It monitors when the drains need to be emptied, a performance and efficiency improvement compared to the traditional timed cycles. In addition, the Neos Next keeps track of the number of drain cycles to allow for maintenance when necessary, rather than at fixed intervals.
  • Finally, the Neos Next offers the functionality of an entire electrical cubicle in one unit. And, instead of requiring lots of different electrical components, the Neos Next combines them.
  • Finally, while other compressors use off-the-shelf inverters that are used for many purposes, the Neos Next was designed specifically for use in Atlas Copco compressors. That means there are no unnecessary components and its software is optimized for compressor regulation.

You put it all together, and it is easy to see why the Neos Next and the GA VSDˢ range are such a unique combination of efficiency and reliability.

Smart Thermostatic Control Valve

Atlas Copco introduces a revolutionary alternative for traditional oil cooling systems. The new GA VSDs compressors are equipped with a Smart Temperature Control System, developed in-house by the Atlas Copco R&D team, to ensure an optimal oil temperature at all times. Learn all about it here.

Traditional mechanical thermostats only provide limited support. In order to ensure that the element  is protected – even at the expense of greater efficiency – they tend to set a relatively high oil temperature. As a result, compressors with a mechanical thermostat consume more energy than they would with an optimized oil temperature.

  • If the oil is too hot, then the compressor’s efficiency suffers and energy is wasted
  • If the oil is too cold, then the risk of condensation increases
  • Of course, moisture has a negative impact on the reliability of a compressed air system

Unfortunately, finding and maintaining a compressor’s ideal oil temperature has proven to be nearly impossible in the past. Because ambient conditions change constantly, a temperature that is ideal one minute may end up being inefficient the next.

That’s where the VSDs comes in.

What makes the VSDs air compressor oil cooling system so unique?

VSDs oil cooling system Atlas Copco

The oil temperature directly impacts the performance of your lubricated compressor. Developed in-house by Atlas Copco, the Smart Temperature Control System ensures an optimal oil temperature at all times by acting as a heater or cooler as needed.

Here is how STC works:

  • An advanced algorithm in the Elektronikon® controller combines operational parameters such as motor speed, ambient temperature and humidity to calculate the optimal injection temperature.
  • The Neos Next then implements this temperature by regulating the VSD fan and the new Smart Thermostatic Control valve. It’s real-time optimization to eliminate the risk of condensation while ensuring maximum compression efficiency.
  • By having two active parts – the fan and the valve –  we can activate a fail safe in case, for instance, the valve fails.


Advanced connectivity

  • Elektronikon® Touch: features a user-friendly, multilingual display with a host of control and monitoring options to optimize your compressor performance.
  • Multiple compressor control: comes with EQ2i integrated as standard. Manage up to 6 compressors in one air network with the optional Equalizer 4.0.
  • SMARTLINK: offers real-time, remote status monitoring, performance data and insights, service timeline, maintenance alerts, and an online resource center.
  • OPC UA communication protocol: integrate your GA 22-37 VSDs seamlessly and securely in your production network to achieve true system performance and efficiency.

Smart Temperature Control System

The GA VSDs is the first compressor to offer full injection control to eliminate the risk of condensation and maximize compression efficiency. It uses the Smart Temperature Control System and its sophisticated coordination between the Elektronikon® controller, the Neos Next inverter, the Smart Thermostatic Control valve, and the VSD fan.

Boost Flow Mode

With other compressors, exceeding the maximum capacity means loss of pressure and equipment operation, and possibly a production shutdown. The GA VSDs comes with Boost Flow Mode, allowing you to temporarily stretch the limit of your compressor without negative operational or reliability consequences.

What else makes the VSDs better than other variable speed drive compressors?

The innovative Neos Next inverter technology is only one of the VSDs’s innovative components. Looking for the best of the best? Look no further. Our engineers innovated all crucial components: