GA 75 – 110vsd+ Air Compressors

Atlas Copco GA 75L - 110vsd+ Air Compressors

Model:  (GA 75 VSD+, GA 90 VSD+, GA 110 VSD+)

The new revolutionary GA 75L-110 VSD+ compressor is packed with innovative features that increase its efficiency, cut energy consumption, lower  noise levels, and reduce operating costs.
On top of that,  all currently applicable standards are met or even exceeded.
With its innovative vertical design, Atlas Copco’s GA 75L-110 VSD+ brings a game-changing revolution in the compressor industry.
It offers Variable Speed Drive+ as standard, a compact motor and footprint thanks to its inhouse design and iPM (interior Permanent Magnet) technology.
The GA 75L-110 VSD+ reduces energy consumption by 50% on average, with uptimes assured even in the harshest operational conditions.

GA 75L-110 VSD+ is the air compressor of the future, designed in-house by Atlas Copco. It will set a new standard for years to come, positioning Atlas Copco as a leader in the compressed air industry.

Key Benefits GA75L-110 VSD+:


The GA 75L-110 VSD+ has a Specific Energy Requirement (SER), which is on average significantly lower than the current GA VSD models.
The environmentally friendly VSD+ consumes on average only 50% of the energy the current GA fixed speed models do. In fact, it even consumes less energy than the GA+ compressor range at its optimal working point! On top of that, the GA VSD+ delivers up to 6% more FAD (Free Air Delivery) over the range. This tremendous improvement could be achieved thanks to the major components mentioned below:
• Main (iPM) motor with highest motor efficiency up to 97%, outperforming IE4 efficiency levels and ready for IE5.
• A newly Atlas Copco in-house designed state-of-the-art compressor element,
outperforming its predecessor by 3%.

Proven Reliability:

In the GA 75L-110 VSD+, Atlas Copco combines all its experience and expertise with proven technologies and existing components. This results in a smartly designed unit with less components making the remaining parts easily accessible, thus very service friendly.

Thanks to extensive field-testing in different industries, different load profiles and different running conditions are tested to the most extreme conditions. Units with several thousand running hours, tested in the harshest running conditions. This means Atlas Copco guarantee a very reliable and worry-free unit to all customers.


The compressed air industry has been turned on its head by the redesign of the conventional layout of a typical air compressor. Instead of the normal space-hugging horizontal design, the new GA 75L-110 VSD+ has an upright, vertical, extremely small footprint layout. This saves valuable floor and work space, eases maintenance access, and reduces the total cost of ownership for all customers.

Inside the innovative GA 75L-110 VSD+

The Drive Train consists of 2 main components in the compressor.

1. The interior Permanent Magnet (iPM) Motor (4)

This motor, with its extremely high efficiency (96.8%), exceeds the IE4 efficiency threshold. It is designed in-house in Belgium. It has a design making it very compact with an oil-cooling circuit making the need of cooling air flow obsolete. The oil will also lubricate the bearings, so, no (re)grease(ing) is needed.
This motor is optimised for higher speeds, and has an IP rating of 68, instead of the standard IP55.

VSD Compressor

2. The element (3)

This is the famous Atlas Copco designed and manufactured compression element featuring asymmetric profile male and female rotors designed for the optimal combination of maximized free air delivery with low power consumption. The design of this element has been optimised to increase its performance in this application.

The motor drives the male rotor of the element directly making gears or belts and shaft seal redundant. This allows a pressure tight drive train through which the oil flows from the motor to the element. Its vertical setup reduces the footprint by 60%, making it a very compact machine.

VSD Compressor

The fan is designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. Its serrated edge blades ending in winglets, copied from mother nature’s most quiet nocturne hunter, the owl, makes it very energy efficient and even more quiet. This fan is ahead of its time and is already ERP2015 compliant.

The high efficiency 2-step air-oil-separator system for reduced oil consumption ensures low maintenance costs and a good oil separation result in between 2 service intervals.

The oil filter cleans the oil continuously from particles bigger than 25 micron with 99% efficiency in order to protect the lubrication quality and health of the rotating components.

Variable Speed Compressor

The new GA VSD+ houses a completely new system. Simple, yet brilliant. If air is taken in, the valve mechanically opens. If no air is needed, a solenoid detects the stop and sends a pulse of compressed air to the valve to close it again. No compressed air can escape through the air intake filter and the complete system remains under pressure. This means there are no blow off losses. No air escapes. No energy goes to waste. When the compressors starts again, the drive train is completely pressurized. The compressor is up and running in no time. Again, this saves energy.

Electronic no loss water drain with integrated manual drain included as standard scope of supply to remove 100% condensate. On the Aftercooler for the pack units. On the dryer heat exchanger for the FF units.


Control System

The Elektronikon® operating system offers a great variety of control and monitoring features that allows increases to a compressor’s efficiency and reliability thanks to the many embedded advanced control algorithms.

Dual Pressure Setpoint

Most production processes create fluctuating demands which, in turn, can create energy waste in low use periods. With the Elektronikon®, two different system pressure bands can be manually or automatically created to optimize energy use and reduce costs.

Week timer

An on-board clock enables timers to be set up to support any working scheme – per day, per week, or completely customizable to specific site situation and needs.

Integrated Saver Cycle

  • Fan Saver Cycle reduces the energy consumption by switching off the fan in light load applications.
  • Using an ambient sensor to monitor the required dew point suppression, the Elektronikon® starts and stops the dryer, minimizing energy use.

Full Feature

Untreated compressed air contains moisture and aerosols which increase the risk of corrosion and compressed air system leaks. This can result in a damaged air system and contaminated end product. Maintenance costs can far exceed air treatment costs. Atlas Copco compressors provide dry air that improves a system’s reliability, avoids costly downtime and production delays, and safeguards the quality of customers’ products.


The GA 37-75 VSD+ Full Feature is additionally provided with an air dryer which removes moisture from the compressed air by cooling the air to near freezing point and automatically draining the condensate.

Atlas Copco vsd+ Full Feature

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