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Atlas Copco OSC12 Oil Water Separator

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Compact, Clean And Cost Efficient Treatment Of Compressor Condensate, Protecting The Environment. Ideal For Use With Atlas Copco G2-7 Air Compressors.

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Atlas Copco’s OSC12 offers adsorption-based condensate management for oil-injected compressors.

If the oil in the compressor condensate is not removed before it enters the wastewater system, it can cause significant environmental damage.

Therefore, condensate treatment is not only the responsible thing to do; in most countries, it’s the law. Thanks to its multi-stage filtration, Atlas Copco’s OSC removes oil from your compressor’s condensate with unmatched precision to achieve an oil content of 10 ppm at outlet.

In addition, the OSC offers zero-hassle maintenance thanks to its easily removable filter bags and cartridges.

The Atlas Copco OSC oil-water separator uses proven, reliable and robust technology to remove oil concentrations to a maximum of 10 ppm.

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