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The Bambi VT150 is an oil-free and ultra low noise air compressor ideal for 1-2 surgeries dental operation.

  • 96 L/min Oil-free air @ 8 bar
  • Suitable for 1 or 2 Surgeries
  • Soft start
  • 50 Litre Tank
  • Bambi quality and reliability
  • Noise level 72 dB(A)
  • Compact dimensions 87 x 51 x 41 cm
  • Weight of 40kg
  • Low maintenance

Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor.

Bambi’s revolutionary VT range of oil free compressors is available with innovative air dryer unit (D). With quality the keyword, these oil free, clean & dry air compressors are class leading and packed with the latest features.

  • Soft start valve.
  • Internally coated receiver.
  • Air dryer.
  • After cooler & coalescing filter.
  • Sequential start.

At the heart of the VT range is a Vee Twin pump unit with one of the lowest noise levels of any oil free compressor available. This made possible by the very latest “tilting piston” technology. Perfect for the highest possible air quality for critical applications; dentistry, scientific laboratories, food packaging, pneumatic controls, hospital ventilators, drink dispensing – and anywhere when low maintenance is essential.

Packed with novel technical features, even the standard models without air dryers are fitted with a “soft start” solenoid valve. This discharges the air pressure in the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and extending the service life. Anti corrosion, internally coated air receivers are fitted across the range ensuring the air is contamination free.

Every model is available with an innovative Air Dryer unit designed to guarantee “desert dry” air. The multi row, fan assisted after-cooler reduces the air temperature prior to entering the dryer. Dramatically reducing the air temperature enables the integral coalescing filter to collect and remove water droplets as small as 0.01 microns.

In this way 99% moisture content is removed before the desiccant adsorption system powers the dryness right down to -40°c Dewpoint. Constructed from high quality “Inox” stainless steel, the dryer regenerates itself every time the compressor cycles and requires no regular maintenance. An integral downstream HE dust filter removes any residual dust. And, uniquely on this size of compressor, the Duplex units are fitted with a sequential start system which enables these 3.0Hp and 4.0Hp systems to run off a 20 amp single phase power source reducing installation costs and start up load.

Download Brochure Here: VT Range NEW

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions41 × 51 × 87 cm
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