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Budget SEP 60 Oil Water Separator

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Budget Sep 60 Disposable condensate cleaner for compressor system capacities of up to 60cfm (1.7 m3/min or 11kW)


Simple to install and replace. Just fix the permanent back plate to a wall or cabinet, insert two push-in fittings and it starts to protect you — and the environment.

Oily water in; clean water out. Discharge straight to the sewer  (as low as 5ppm oil-in-water) —legally*

At the end of its service life, remove the push fittings, attach the clip-on lid and plug (provided with the replacement unit) and slide it off the wall plate.

Sealed, outwardly clean and ready for disposal.

Suitable for Compressor capacity up to 60cfm (1.7 m3/min).

Service life – 5000 operating hours at 60cfm (replace annually)  or 8000 hours at 30cfm (replace every 2 years)**

Dimensions only 145mm x 145mm x 220mm approx

Wall or cabinet mounting (re-useable plate provided)

Push-in connections for speed and ease

Cleanest possible servicing routine Disposable.

Clip-on cap and blanking plug seal the retained oil inside the cleaner for transit.

 *It is the user’s responsibility to verify discharge allowances in his/her region
**Assumes compressor oil carry-over is no more than 5mg/m3
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