Can’t you hear your money leaking out of the system?

Compressed Air Leaks

Can’t you hear your money leaking out of the system?

You’re probably familiar with the hissing sound a large leak makes. But what about smaller leaks? These also produce sound, but the frequency is too high for our ears to detect it. That’s when the Ultrasonic leak detection device comes into place.
Air Leakage - Identify and Fix Air Leaks on any Air Compressor system
The ultrasonic device can detect pinhole leakages with pressure as low as 0.5 bar, the more pressure behind the leak the more turbulence there will be and the easier it becomes to locate.

Why look for leaks?

Compressed air is one of the most costly utilities in a facility today. A simple program of leak inspection and repairs can go a long way towards reducing excessive energy costs.

The annual cost of even minor leakage is significant. Even what would be considered a good system, will have an average leakage between 20-30%. The leak reduction program will reduce air consumption and provide savings almost immediately!

Cost of Compressor Leaks

A successful leak detection program is also dependent on an effective reporting system. Correctly implemented and supported it will provide vital data on where the leaks are reoccurring, which components and equipment are causing repeated problems.

Leaks cost money every minute, every hour, every week of the year…

So, put a stop to leaks by getting in touch to arrange site visit.

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