The BIG 50

Airia Compressed Air Solutions - Compressor Repair - Southampton

The BIG 50

Today, Airia received an order for what will be their 50th Atlas Copco GA/GX Air Compressor sold during 2016.

A quite remarkable achievement when considering the switch in supply of compressor manufacturers sold by Airia, made only at the start of this year.

One of the keys to this success is Airia’s dedicated staff, whose teamwork has played a major part in the Airia success story.Their highly experienced team are totally committed to sales and service, and this, combined with their keen understanding of customers’ needs in the Southern UK area, has contributed to this amazing level of new equipment sales.

Airia have also focused on customers energy saving potential & carried out many full-site air audits and leak surveys using the latest Atlas Copco iiTrak loggers, to help both new & existing customers reduce energy consumption and save on bills.

Stocking Atlas Copco compressor units, quality air products and spare parts has directly contributed to achieving this level of sales, as it means Airia are able to anticipate and meet the needs of customers quickly and effectively. This, and the fact Airia are keenly aware of customers’ requirements for cost-effective and efficient compressed air solutions, has set Airia apart from local competitors, leading to the success enjoyed today.

This sales result achieved so far has also been achieved by making the most of the diverse offering of Atlas Copco compressed air equipment, which encompasses compressors and ancillary products, such as in-line filters, compressed air dryers, oil condensate removal systems and pipe work installations, as well as parts, maintenance and services that contribute to more efficient compressed air systems.

Airia quickly identified the potential of the new GA VSD+ small compressor range, which offers compressed air users breakthrough energy savings of up to 50%. This has been a critical part of the success this year (24 of the 50 units sold this year have been variable speed compressors).