Compressor Airline Pipework

Compressor Airline Installation

Airia Offer a Full Pipework Installation Service –

A complete new Compressed Air system; Design through to installation & commission.

  • New Galvanised steel Compressed Air pipework – from 1/2” to 6” Bore.
  • Aluminum pipe work system designed specifically for the compressed air industry 20mm – 63mm (Atlas Copco AirNet).
  • Extruded aluminum box section pipe work system (Teseo).
  • + Other re-configurable piping system (Plastic or Copper tube).


Benefits of Utilising Airia for Your Installation:

  • Expertise.
  • Responsibility.
  • Design.
  • Project Management.
  • Support.
  • System Optimisation.


As a Premier Distributor for Atlas Copco, a company with a history over 125 years old, our combined expertise in the compressed air business allows our customers to have confidence in us. We know what it takes to design & install pipework systems, Supply and maintain air compressors.


A sole resource for compressed air installations; we take great care and responsibility in this role. We are highly capable of designing a complete compressed air system, supplying all of the necessary equipment as well as conducting the complete installation. We take on the full responsibility of the project so our customers can be assured that we are their only point of contact throughout the entire process.


“Proper Prior Planning Promotes Peak Performance” is a phrase that is well understood here at Airia. We’re dedicated to designing a compressed air system that meets our customer’s needs today, yet one that is flexible enough to allow for future expansions. With multiple types of air compressor technologies and an experienced team, we’ll be sure to select the proper equipment design and layout for our customer’s needs.

Project Management

Project Managers oversee and orchestrate the entire project, ensuring proper installation and an efficient, smooth-running operation. With our experienced team, we have the ability to handle just about any type of compressed air installation.


From design, supply, install, repair and maintenance of an air compressor system, Airia’s skilled staff are more than capable of providing service in each of these areas. We supply compressor spare parts, accessories and service for all makes and models of air compressors and related equipment. In addition, we offer Service “AirPlan” programs and extended warranties to protect your new compressed air system investment.


Q: What does it take to fine tune an air compressor system? 

A: It takes years of experience in the field and in the business to understand the complexities of both new and older air compressor systems.

Airia has trained staff, some with over 30 years or more in the business, to help customers optimize their compressed air systems. This experience coupled with quality products helps ensure you are in the right hands. We are dedicated to helping our customers save money through air and energy efficiencies, reducing maintenance on equipment and by providing reliable, consistent compressed air systems.

Project Size

There is no job too small or too large; from the smallest air-cooled reciprocating air compressor system to the largest water-cooled centrifugal system, we have the ability and experience to take your compressed air piping project from inception to a completed installation.

ISO 9001 Approved                Safe Contractor Approved compressed air solutions       Airnet pipework

Airnet pipework
Atlas Copco AirNet
Compressor Airline Installation - Airia Compressed Air Pipework Systems
Compressor Airline Installation - Airia Compressed Air Pipework Systems
Compressor Airline Installation - Airia Compressed Air Pipework Systems
Compressor Airline Installation - Airia Compressed Air Pipework Systems
Compressor Airline Installation - Airia Compressed Air Pipework Systems

Need Compressed Air Pipework?

 Modifications, Ringmains, Additional Drops & Alterations All Available.

We’ll be pleased to send one of our engineers to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free written quotation.