Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Airia Compressed Air Solutions offer free advice and recommendations for all areas of business concerning the energy efficient generation and use of compressed air. A pro active approach committed to providing energy efficient solutions, driving down the cost of running a compressed air system. Download here a free pdf that addresses typical compressed air energy saving issues associated with compressed air. Inluding leak detection monitoring and waste heat recovery.

Airia are committed to providing energy saving solutions for all aspects of compressed air generation and compressed air treatment. Achieved by using the very latest in energy efficient products.

Energy Saving - Audits

An energy survey is often the first step to understanding and improving the energy efficiency of a compressed air system. Airia utilise the most advanced energy surveying equipment. All areas including generation, treatment, distribution and process usage can be audited.


With energy costs ever increasing, the need to control the cost of your systems compressed air is becoming increasingly important. Airia’s engineers will install state of the art logging equipment. This allows a detailed report on the compressed air systems condition. In particular reference to energy and the operating efficiency of the system to be provided.


Following a full analysis of the systems energy and air usage, Airia will forward a report on potential ways to generate energy savings via various methods dependant upon site factors.

Airia – committed to providing energy efficient solutions for your sites air compressor requirements.

Energy Saving
Air Compressor Energy Saving - Airia Compressed Air Solutions

Energy Saving - Leak Surveys

Detects each and every leak. Fast & Simple.

Do you know where your compressed air system leaks are?

Do you know how much air leakage is costing your operation?

Untreated air leaks = potential operating profit vanishing into thin air.

Inaudibly, invisibly, unnoticed.

The solution: Identify undetected leaks in the compressed air pipework.

Energy Saving - Heat Recovery

Nearly all of the energy that is used to power an air compressor gets converted to heat. With 94% of this heat available for heat recovery, Airia can provide a fully costed solution to harness this heat source in the most effective way.

Recovery of this waste heat generated by an air compressor is effectively free after the initial investment with very quick payback periods often seen.

The types of sites and possible applications include:

  • water heating.
  • space heating.
  • process heating and drying.
  • boiler houses for feed water or combustion air.
  • compressed air plant using heat to regenerate desiccant dryers.

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