Air Compressors

A wide range of brand new Air Compressors. All available to view & buy on-line at Airia.
Airia stock piston type air compressors for use at home, garage (Automotive) & workshop. Oil free dental units, and industrial screw type compressors, including energy efficient variable speed units also sold here.

Authorised Premier Distributor for the Atlas Copco range of compressed air equipment.

Uses for a compressor

Domestically – can be used domestically for inflating tires, or using an air blower to clean dirt off machines, a floor or for painting. Most domestic compressors can also be used to power nail guns, saws and small hammers.

Industrial – Covers most industries – paint sprayers, production lines, robots, glass making, pharmaceutical & many more.

Some main things to remember before purchase:

  • Where the compressor is to be used?
  • Is a power source nearby?
  • How much CFM is required?


CFM is short for cubic feet per minute (cu ft/min). When a compressor is used the CFM is important. Some uses need a continuous air supply, things like a power hose or sand blaster. These will  need a higher CFM sized compressor as a lower pressure would not work correctly on the job. Shotblasters also use a high cfm when blasting. Large factories use a high CFM in manufacturing such as those making plastic bottles.

Other tools such as a nail gun or tyre inflator in a car garage only need short sharp bursts of air, and only when its needed. They will use a low CFM.

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