There are times when the compressor has to be sited near the point of use and for these installations Bambi have developed the VTS Models which are almost inaudible when running and are perfect when no noise is essential.
Not just an acoustic hood but a dedicated silent range. Engineered from the ground up, with a stunning design that will look great in any location – something that looks this good should have pride of place in your workspace !
Having the same innovative features and technological advances as the standard VT models, this additional range has been developed to deliver the highest quality of compressed air with noise levels from as low as 54 dB(A). To ensure the highest levels of reliability, we have carefully studied air flow dynamics and
incorporated full force through ventilation to keep everything running cool. A thermostatically controlled sensor signals when any of the four cooling fans should run, reducing noise levels to the absolute minimum.
An optional integral air dryer ‘D’ and after cooler is available on every model achieving a -40 c Dewpoint, delivering the ultimate combination of silence, oil free and dry air in an ultra compact and stylish package.