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25 Metre Long Rubber Compressed Air Hose 17mm x 8mm

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Rubber Hose Diameter = 17mm (3/4″) – 25 M (80 feet)

Max Working Pressure 20 bar (300psi)

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Rubber air hose for use in industrial and domestic application, with a working pressure of 20 bar (300PSI) and a safety factor of 3:1 minimum.

Provides an excellent hose solution for use with air and water compressors and tools, in the workplace and at home. The hose has a weather, abrasion and oil mist resistant CR/NBR cover, with high tensile strength fibre reinforcement. The smooth bore NBR liner ensures optimum flow and excellent resistance to wear.

Compliant with BS EN ISO2398 and BS5118

What is an air hose?

An air hose is a tube which transports air or gas from a device, like a gas canister, air compressor or other types of air tools. A robust and reliable air hose is absolutely essential to maintaining a consistent airflow. Something which these hoses will provide.

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