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Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryer FX1

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The FX1 Air Dryer With A Flow Rate Of 6 Litres/Sec @ 7 Bar G Will Remove Moisture From Compressed Air By Cooling The Air To Near Freezing Point. This Causes Water To Condense Which Is Automatically Drained. The Cooled Compressed Air Is Reheated To Prevent Condensation On Pipework

Download Leaflet: Refrigerant Air Dryer For Compressed Air Applications

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FX1 Refrigerant Air Dryer From Atlas Copco

  • Removal of moisture from your compressed air to ISO 8573-1 Class 4..
  • Protects your tools and products from contamination and damage.
  • Reliable, cost effective and easy to use solution.
  • Ideal for use with GX2-4EP compressors.
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