Piston Compressors

Atlas Copco Automan Piston Compressors.

Our range of Atlas Copco Automan AF/AC piston compressors offers a compact, versatile and reliable source of compressed air. Ideal for when you need a small amount of compressed air for a variety of applications.


AF = High grade aluminum piston compressors

The Atlas Copco range of Automan AF aluminum piston compressors are  designed for mobility and ease of use. The compressor block is manufactured from high-grade aluminum alloy – the same material used in high-performance car engines. This ensures exceptional heat transfer capabilities and high tensile strength.


AC = Belt drive Piston compressors

Designed with a slow-running compressor block for long service life, these AC belt drive cast iron piston compressors provides a solid source of compressed air with a high durability. Also available, aftercoolers and an automotive dry paper type air cleaner on the larger models, providing clean air for your needs.